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HOME / Products / Rewinding / UNITECH T012

Unitech T012 is an automatic rewinding machine to produce pre-stretched and conventional film rolls with core.

The automatic rewinder mod. T012, works at the average speed of 1.100 m/min; this speed may be adjusted depending on the quality and the thickness of stretch film, up to a maximum speed of 1.200 m/min.
The rewinding process is made on a station complete with automatic loading of the core, cut of the stretch film and exit of the rewinded roll on a powered device positioned at the outfeed.
Pre-stretch ratio can be adjusted on the HMI, then elaborated from the PLC controlling the machine, to allow a fine adjustment of the relationship between the pre-stretch rollers. The maximum elongation (till the breaking point of the elastic memory is reached) will depend on the stretch film being used.
The machine can rewind film without pre-stretching it.
All servo motors (brushless) are controlled by servo drives, with linked communication via fiber optics; this system allows to have the maximum control of the motors and of the stretching tension.
The HMI (touch screen) and all the control devices (such as pressure regulators) are installed on the structure of the machine for an easy and immediate use.

Main operative items:

  • Pre-stretch system adjustable from 0 to 500% controlled by PLC. Pre-stretch percentage is done through two powered rubbered rolls (diameter mm. 160) linked through electronic control.
  • The rewinding process is done by means of a driven roll with adjustable speed up to 1.200 m/min.
  • The rewinding tension is adjustable with automatic compensation made by a dancing arm controlled by a sliding proportional valve electronically controlled by PLC.
  • The rewinding process is made on a station with automatic control of the pressure of the reel on the rewinding roll driven by servo motor (brushless).
  • Maximum standard diameter of the rewinded roll is 250 mm, with automatic change at the end of the rewinding cycle, stretch cutting and start of a new rewinding process. (please contact us for larger diameter requirements)
  • Automatic core loader complete with core magazine (capacity 150 cores approx.)
  • Pair of mandrels with diameter 50 or 76 mm.
  • Outfeed of the rewinded rolls on a powered device.
  • Pneumatic moving arms to load feed stretch rolls, installed on the back side of the machine; the feed roll is pneumatically centered by two mandrels (diameter 76 mm).
  • Maximum diameter of the feed roll: 500 mm.
  • Maximum width of the feed roll: 600 mm.
  • Main control board controlled by PLC
  • Operating touch screen panel complete with digital display to control:
    • Autodiagnosis program and visualisation of the alarms
    • Selection of manual operation
    • Settings of the rewinding cycle
  • Teleservice via Internet is included in the standard configuration of the machine.
  • Stretch film thickness of the feed roll : 8 - 35 micron.
  • Thickness of the rewinded roll: from 5 micron.
  • CARBONIUM free rolls.
  • Maximum diameter of the rewinded rolls: mm. 250.
  • Power consumption: 16 kW.
  • Compressed air supply: 6-7 bar.
  • Automatic device to detect holes in the stretch film by electronic card and visual/audible alarm without stopping the machine.
  • Automatic detection of the end of the feed roll by photocell with automatic machine stop when last roll has been rewinded.
  • Rewinding Speed: max 1.200 m/min - average 1.100 m/min.
  • Rewinding speed depends on several data: thickness of the stretch film on the feed roll, desired thickness on the rewinded roll, quality of the stretch film used.


  • Dispensing system for homogeneous distribution of the stretch film with side-folders to reinforce the rewinded roll
  • Additional pair of mandrels for different inner diameters mm 50 / 76
  • Additional pair of mandrels for different inner diameters mm 38
  • Load cell to detect the weight of the rewinded roll installed under the powered belt conveyor (tolerance +/- 10 grams)
  • Backpressure system to increase the air in the pre-stretched roll and for “LIGHT-CORES”
  • Motorized device for centring the jumbo reel from the operator's panel (only for rolls with cardboard core)